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Are you looking for some dogging milf fun in Adelaide? Today we thought we would dive straight in with a story off one of our milfs in Adelaide. She wrote this story into us during the week, and we thought we would take a bit of time to share it with you.,

You see, even thought this site is for men and women in Adelaide, who are hoping to meet up Adelaide MILFsoffline for some dogging sex, it is also here to show you some of the fun that the men have once they sign up to the site. Each week we create a new blog post with testimonials or stories off the site. We also upload some of the member’s pictures. We do this to convince you how much fun some of the members of this site are having.

Testimonial off dogging milf in Adelaide

“I have been signed up to the site now for about two months I have to say I am very impressed, there is a dogging car park about twenty minutes from my house. I used to turn up in the middle of the night, and I might have one or two guys who were there and interested in having a quick shag, but I never felt completely satisfied, you see, for me, it is all about getting as many men off as I can. It turns me on when I am surrounded by men who are all rock hard and gagging to give me a good pounding on the hood of my car. But I was coming away from some of my dogging experiences feeling a little deflated. That is when I decided I would take matters into my own hands and come online to try and get more men as I knew there were hundreds of men out there who would kill to fuck an Adelaide woman like me in a car park.

I created a profile and started to advertise the times that I was heading out, within a week or two I noticed that there were more like five or six guys rather than the one or two and they knew my Adelaide MILFname. I knew that my plan was working. I decided to start messaging the guys that I liked the look off, soon enough I was getting ten or twelve men turning up to these dogging car parks, perfect, just how I like it.”

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