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Reasons mums like outdoor sex.

1. It is incredibly horny being naked in public. Feeling the breeze against parts of your body that have never felt the breeze before can be liberating! Before you know it you will be really horny and wanting to fuck someone outside, wherever it may be.
2. Most dogging porn is filmed outside (obviously) so by going outside you can feel exactly like they do in milf doggingthe pornos.
3. The excitement of being caught can be a huge turn on for men and women, whether you think you are going to be caught by the police or simply fear that you are going to see someone you know and have the embarrassment of being seen naked, either one is a complete thrill when your actually doing it
4. Outside sex can lead to much better sex positions, whether you are doing it in the back of a car and have to manoeuvre yourself into the right position to have a good shag or even if you are in the woods and have found and amazing tree to fuck up against, one thing for sure is you are not going to be doing the missionary position in the bedroom with your socks on like you have been doing for the last few years

Many mums love to fuck outdoors for the same reason as men and these are the reasons above.

Your first message to another dogger.

Many men never really know what to write in their first message to women but actually the title of this blog might be a great way to break the ice. Say to the women “hey, I just signed up to this site and your profile caught my eye, what is it about having sex outdoors that turns you on so much, you tell me your reasons and I’ll tell you mine.” You never know, getting her thinking about why she gets so turned on bymums who fuck outside shagging outside might cause her to feel quite horny towards you. Before long you might be meeting up with her for shag in public.

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Meet fat doggers

Meet fat doggers

If you are a chubby chaser and you are in the market to meet a fat dogger then this is the site for you. Milf dogging caters for all women; from fat and skinny to old and young. The only thing your really have to be if you want to sign up to this exclusive dating site is a mother.
For many men out there the idea of having sex with a slightly older milf is a huge turn on. This might be because they are slightly older themselves or it might be because they are younger and love the thought of having sex with a much more mature milf.

Many of the men on this site are young hot men who are just looking for a good time with a chubby older mum. At the same time we have many men out therfat dogging mume who are in their fifties and actually a milf for them is a slightly younger woman who is still sexually active. Either way, all men have different sexual preferences and one of the strongest sexual preferences in men looking to meet a fat milf for no strings attached sex.

Meeting up with a chubby mum

Here is a testimonial from one of our members who describes his experience with one of these fat women.

“ My name is Carl and I live in Sydney. I came on this site hoping that I might meet a slightly fatter, insecure mum who was really horny. I don’t really know why but I have always been into fat women ever since my first sexual experience in high school when Becky Millar gave me a blowjobs in the toilet. For me that was it, I have been chasing fat women like Becky around my entire life. The most interesting thing about it is that I am not actually that fat. I am quite slim and like to stay in shape. I suppose I also like fat women because most of them are insecure and it is quite easy to get them into bed. Once in bed as well they are very eager to please. I came on this adult dating site hoping I would find one or two Fat Australian birds and I definitely did.dogger

The other day I actually met up with one for a bit of dogging action and we went up this spot near me where we fucked like rabbits. She wasn’t in the best shape and before long she was sweating like a pig while she rode me in this this hot car. It was so erotic and she had me spunking everywhere.”

If you are into fat women then this is the site for you!dogger

Perth m.i.l.f that goes dogging

m.i.l.f dogging in perthFrom swinging to dogging there are many m.i.l.f’s out there that go dogging in Perth. If you are feeling a little horny now and are looking for a Perth M.I.L.F that goes dogging then you have come to the right place.

This site is Perth’s number one site for listed men and women who are looking for no strings attached fun in Perth. Many of the men and women on the site are married or in a relationship and just looking for a little bit more sex in their lives.

The people on this site are not looking for anything serious. They are simply looking to meet up with a stranger that they find sexually attractive for lots of dirty sex. Because of this, many of the people are looking to just go and have sex outdoors or in a car.

On top of this we have many members who actually enjoy having sex outdoors and have come on this site with the intention of meeting a match online for sex.

Places to meet for sex.

Here are a couple of our favorite places you can go in Perth if you want a little bit of privacy to have a root without many people walking past.


top dogging car parks around perthThis is a nude beach. Everyone knows that people really go to a nude beach because they are looking for a bit of action. Down at Bunbury you don’t even have to be secretive about having sex. Many people down there have hand jobs or blowjobs down by the shore. Others often head into the dunes for a bit of fun. Don’t be surprised if someone else comes along and wants to join in the fun. Alternatively why not just head down there and join in with someone else’s party?

Church lands Herdsman

The turning near the herdsman growers market is often used for exhibitionist fun. Only really used at nighttime many people gather in the car park for a bit of naked fun. Meet other women who are eager for vaginal or anal play!


There is a car park at the end of Huntress road near the tennis courts. I have been down there many times and seen others in the bushes having a bit of fun. Many of these locations are not great to go and meet people (although it does happen) it is more for taking a Perth m.i.l.f that goes dogging. Take someone you have met on this site down these locations and shag her brains out.

If you are looking for more rooting in your life then you have come to the right place!

“I want to find a mum who loves to dog in Sydney” says Brian

milf dogger sydney“Hi there, I am Brian and have recently been meeting up with the most amazing women on this website. When I meet these older slaggy women online they often send me sexy pictures of themselves. Over the last few days I have received images of legs, arses, vaginas and tits from all these sexually frustrated mums. I scroll through these messages and then when I see someone I like the look of I arrange a meet up. I met this woman last week called Susie. We went dogging in some fantastic car parks in Sydney. We started off by watching other couples have sex just to get us in the mood. It didn’t take long for us to rip each others clothes off and we were having sex out of the car in the middle of the car park for all the other drivers to see us all. It was so thrilling to do this- so if you want to find a mum who love to dog in Sydney this is the best site online for this kind of thing so I would recommend you sign up today!”

Best places to take a dogging mum

There are many different places you could go dogging with a mum. Car parks and local woodlands seem to be very popular choices, but there are also other places in Sydney. Supermarket car parks at night are good places because they are open and the lights in the car park can help to see what you are doing. They are also good because you actually go in the supermarket just before it closes and buy things such as condoms and whipped cream etc. Other places to dog in Sydney could be places such as the allotment areas where people grow fruit and veg. As soon as you sydney female doggerhave met someone online, it doesn’t really matter where you take them as long as it’s in a dogging environment. The most important thing to these women is that you will have sex with them and please them.

Find the right older slag for you

There are many mums who love to dog in Sydney and we have most of them as members on our site. You will not find the selection of women on other sites that we have to offer. All our members and interested in two things – dogging and having sex outdoors. If you have the same interests well then we not sign up and find the right slag for you. These older mums come in all shapes and sizes , many of them though do have this fantastic erotic attitude to sex where they just want to get down and dirty with their men.

Come and meet a golden coast milf dogger today

dogger mum in the gold coastIf you want to have sex with a tanned lovely sexy erotic milf well come and join our dating site and meet a golden coast milf dogger today. The feeling of meeting and older woman who wants to have sex with you is simply electric. If you are a fan of the older pussy and want to eat some tonight- well then why don’t you set yourself up a profile because you could be doing it as soon as tonight. When a man comes into the vagina of a slutty dogger they go weak at the knees because they feeling is so euphorically draining you simply cannot stand up. Men all over the country, and in particular those from the golden coast. Many men also say that the taste of an older vagina can really make them stiff in minutes- they say it is very enjoyable indeed! These women are the most slutty women and they underwear is so very erotic you want to rip them off with your teeth.

Keith’s dogging experience, who lives on the golden coast

“Hi my name is Keith and I met a golden coast milf dogger a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. I picked her up in my fiesta and on the way to the car park she started rubbing my penis over my trousers. I was instantly erect and want to pull it out there and then. I didn’t need to she did it for me and starting rubbing my penis slowly. As soon as we parked up someone flashed their lights in the car park and two other women came to join us. They started having sex with each other using a dildo in front of us- then we began shagging each other in front of them. This was all going on in the confines of my fiesta and the car reeked of sex. It was the most erotic night of my life and if it wasn’t for this website I wouldn’t have been able to do it, so thank you!”

mum dogging in the gold coastWhat is great about a no commitments milf?

The best thing about these women is the fact that you don’t have to go on dates and do all the awkward talking about life, hobbies and your job etc. It purely is to meet up and dog and have sex. And this women know that and don’t expect anything else from you. They are very easily pleased, so you don’t have to have a big penis or be a whiz in the bedroom – they will do all the work and show you how to do it, if you don’t know how to dog.

I want milf dogging in Melbourne

Melbourne Milf outdoor sexMelbourne is full of MILFS. This is the fact of the matter. They go around the town and daily life wearing the most slutty clothing because they want men eyeing them up. They get a lot of pleasure out of wearing tight tops showing their side breasts because they know it really turns men on. In recent surveys men have admitted to seeing these types of women out and about in Melbourne and they go straight home and start masterbating. There is something very horny about the older woman. And there is something very very horny about an older mother who wants to go out dogging. In normal life it is very difficult to meet up with this type of woman- but now you do have that opportunity because we are offering it on our website. It is free to sign up and it is quick and easy process. So if you’d like to find a MILF to go dogging with tonight in Melbourne – sign up now.

Carol gives a horny diary entry

“Hello my name is Carol and I am a dogging mum in Melbourne. I have to say since signing up to this site my life has completely changed for the better. Since meeting up with all milf dogging in Melbournethese men and having sex with them in car parks, I really do feel I have grown massively in confidence. Life is for living and I am telling you now, you really do feel that you are living when you are having an orgasm in the local field – it is so very very saucy. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up to this web site sooner because it has been so much fun for me. Last night I met up with this man called Frank. He began my lowering my panties and started licking my clit. I was literally in heaven – then we began to have full throttle sex and he had so much energy – it really was a thrill. He then put the car radio on and on came a Marvin Gaye sexy song and the whole event just went up a gear. Come on ladies – if you want to have some fun- sign up today”

Why do I want to shag Carol?

Please don’t feel ashamed if you have become really turned on by Carol. She would be very pleased if you contacted her today. And truth of the matter is our site is full of women like Carol who love going out dogging. If you really feel that you would like to have a quick shag from the type of girl that Carol is and you could really give her a good time, it makes sense for you to sign up today and start sending theses women messages.