If you have seen the film American Pie then you know what a milf is. If you are seeking dogging MILFs in Sydney then this is the perfect site for you.

We have specialised in matching men and women looking for dogging in Australia for the last 6 years. The name of the game was to match as many people as we could. We originally did this by gathering as many older women doggermen and women as we could across Sydney and matching them.

After a while the site grew to a point where we started to discover other issues. We realised that actually men and women were becoming fussier; it was no longer enough to just put people in contact that had interest in having dogging sex. People wanted to be a bit more specific about the type of people they were meeting.

Because of this, we had to introduce more filters so people could refine their results.

If you sign up in Sydney we will automatically match you with other people who live in the local area, but if you live outside the city and travel in on business then feel free to simply enter Sydney as your destination to view profiles and we will only bring up people who live in the Capitol for you to scroll through. Once you are confronted with these results, the next step is to start filtering the results down to the MILFs you are interested in meeting. You can start by filtering down by appearance, from hair colour, to eye colour, body shape etc. So, for example, if you were to enter blonde as your favourite hair colour, we will only show you all the blonde MILFs who live in the area.

Once you have filtered down the results to how women look you can now filter down to women who share your sexual interests. If you love blowjobs or even anal sex, just select oral or blowjobs from the drop down list and we will now filter out all the women who don’t like these activities so you only have to meet people who share the same sexual tastes you.

doggingSigning up to this process is simple and easy, it takes less than two minutes and before long you could be meeting up with some hot MILFs in Sydney for sex in a car. What are you waiting for?