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1. It is incredibly horny being naked in public. Feeling the breeze against parts of your body that have never felt the breeze before can be liberating! Before you know it you will be really horny and wanting to fuck someone outside, wherever it may be.
2. Most dogging porn is filmed outside (obviously) so by going outside you can feel exactly like they do in milf doggingthe pornos.
3. The excitement of being caught can be a huge turn on for men and women, whether you think you are going to be caught by the police or simply fear that you are going to see someone you know and have the embarrassment of being seen naked, either one is a complete thrill when your actually doing it
4. Outside sex can lead to much better sex positions, whether you are doing it in the back of a car and have to manoeuvre yourself into the right position to have a good shag or even if you are in the woods and have found and amazing tree to fuck up against, one thing for sure is you are not going to be doing the missionary position in the bedroom with your socks on like you have been doing for the last few years

Many mums love to fuck outdoors for the same reason as men and these are the reasons above.

Your first message to another dogger.

Many men never really know what to write in their first message to women but actually the title of this blog might be a great way to break the ice. Say to the women “hey, I just signed up to this site and your profile caught my eye, what is it about having sex outdoors that turns you on so much, you tell me your reasons and I’ll tell you mine.” You never know, getting her thinking about why she gets so turned on bymums who fuck outside shagging outside might cause her to feel quite horny towards you. Before long you might be meeting up with her for shag in public.

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